786 Raffle Tickets. 100% Donated. Equal Justice + Black Lives Matter

786 Raffle Tickets. 100% Donated. Equal Justice + Black Lives Matter

Today we counted up the final number of raffle tickets and I am damn proud to be a part of this community. I've said it numerous times in the last two weeks. And, I mean it more than ever, today.

When I started this I was thinking that *maybe* we'd sell $250 and I would have been most happy with that. But, today our final total was $786. The winner of the raffle: order number 16266. Is that you?

For the sake of privacy I can't blast the name of the winner here but I can tell you that you need to check your order number or be on the lookout for your parcel carrier - the winning ship out this week!

To recap: 100 percent of the proceeds of this raffle have been donated. $393 to the Equal Justice Initiative. $393 to the NAACP.

Our work does not stop here. Not for me. Not for Treats for Chickens as a company either.

Treats for Chickens as a company is undergoing a vetting process of it's suppliers and vendors.Taking notice of silence and redirecting business [aka money] to companies that are brave, bold and intolerant of racism directly or indirectly. 

This also means paying close attention to, and taking action with, new hires, internal promotions and the culture that continues to evolve here at Treats for Chickens. 

For me personally: I'm still absorbing as much information as I can directly from the fire hose. I am learning that, historically, what I have known to be true isn't the truth. There are two sides to every story and if I am to speak candidly: my heart is heavy. I continue to do the work. It is my hope that you continue on a journey of discovery as well. We have much to learn.

So with all that being said: I again report that I am most proud of what we have done together over the last two weeks. Thank you for participating and showing me what we can do. There is more to come.

All the best + a shit ton of gratitude,  Dawn


As promised: you can catch the raffle drawing in Instagram stories for the next 24 hours.

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