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9 Products. $1 Raffle Tickets. 100% Donated.

9 Products. $1 Raffle Tickets. 100% Donated.

Right now, promoting the sale of Treats for Chickens products feels inappropriate, for me. In good faith and heart, I can not advertise and market the things we make here at Treats for Chickens unless it's for a damn good cause, a cause beyond our own business efforts to provide goods and grow. 

I am taking action because to me - what is going on in the world right now is A LOT.  Eliminating racial divide - is well over due.  And, while you may not agree with all that is unfolding, two facts remain: regardless of color we are all equal and black lives matter.

I know that in this community of chicken lovers, you want to be a part of actionable results too. You've shown me this in your response to my posts, DM's, voice mail and emails. You want to participate in useful actions, to be a part of an existence you are proud of.

So, here's what we are going to do:  A donation raffle.

What you see in the photo is up for grabs. The price: $1 - that's the cost of one ticket.

100% of the proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the NAACP and the Equal Justice Initiative. Equally dispersed. The donation will be made on behalf of Treats for Chickens customers.

For more info continue reading. Note: The Raffle is now closed. 

Participation is simple, and effective.

  1. Purchase your raffle "ticket" in "quantity". This is how you enter to win. This is how you participate in change.
  2. Purchase one ticket, three or as many as you choose. 
  3. Each ticket is $1. That's one.dollar. 
  4. 1 ticket equals 1 entry, 25 tickets equals 25 entries, etc.
  5. Tickets will be available for purchase until Tuesday, June 23rd at 9am PST.
  6. Raffle will be recorded and shared in Stories and in Highlights at @treats4chickens on Instagram on Tuesday, June 23rd at 12 Noon PST. Notifications will be made to our other social media channels as well as to our newsletter and here on the blog.
  7. Winner must have a US based shipping address. 
  8. Retail value $215.

Maybe this speaks to you wholeheartedly or maybe you choose otherwise to decline participation. The choice is yours. But I ask that if you choose to decline that you ask yourself, "why?". And, if your answer is merely that you no longer have chickens - I'll give you a hall pass and ask for your $1 participation regardless.  

Thank you for joining me to utilize the good for great.

#blacklivesmatter #equaljustice #whenyouknowbetterdobetter

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