A little Art & Garden in Petaluma, CA

A little Art & Garden in Petaluma, CA

We had a BLAST at the Petaluma Art & Garden Festival that was on July 12th..

It's a great, local event that happens every year, and Treats for Chickens is always blessed to be a part of the festivities. We spent the entire day giving out samples and brochures, and showing people our entire product line. It was wonderful to hear all the sweet, and sometimes hilarious, stories people would tell us about their own flock and the adventures shared together.

Here's our booth! See that rooster in the right hand corner? That is our beloved office rooster. But let me tell you, sometimes there seemed to be more people interested in the rooster then our actual products! It was quite funny hearing people throw out prices, assuming that he was for sale! No way. We could never part with him. Some of the bids went as high as $300! Can you believe it?
We also did a super fun giveaway! All they had to do was take a photo of themselves with the booth, post it on Facebook, and tag Treats for Chickens..

We were giving our fans that attended this festival the chance to win one 5lb bucket of Chicken Crack, one 5oz bag of Nesting Box Blend, and one 2lb bag of Cluck'n Sea Kelp. 

That's right. She won all those prizes! Shout out to Sandra M. for participating! We had a fantastic time at the 2015 Petaluma Art & Garden Festival, and will definitely be attending in the future. Thanks for checking in!

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