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Stopping the Stank: the Whole Chicken Experience

Stopping the Stank: the Whole Chicken Experience

It all starts with sweet and fluffy baby chicks being all adorable in the warm brooder. And, then you get to wondering what is that smell?. That smell is the heat lamp, combined with warm, damp shavings or paper towels [or whatever you are using....], it's feed that now smells like gruel and mostly it's their tiny, itty bitty chick poops marinating in an oh-so toasty brooder. And, much like children, puppies and finally adult chickens they are going to get bigger. I'm talking about poop here. 

There are solutions and I'm here for them! Start your brooder off with New Chicks in Town to stop the stank. Add a few pinches every couple days [or daily if that's your thing] to stop the stink and start your littles off with a healthy herbal boost.

I hope you are taking lots of photos because in the blink of an eye [ok, that was an exaggeration but really more like, 4-6 months] these little fluffs are going to be proficient egg layers and super poopers. Especially under their roost, every night. So, let's keep the coop clean and smelling fresh as a daisy, shall we? Yes, we shall. Sprinkle at least a 1/4 cup of Dookashi in and around the coop. Again, this is another every-other-day or on-the-daily if you prefer. Natural, Non-GMO and all good for composting and gardening if you've got yourself a green thumb.

You might not have seen this one coming but fleas, lice, mites and bugs that like to bug your chickens are gonna want to move in. That coop of yours is pretty splendid anyways!  You can dust your adult birds with DE, sprinkle it around the perimeter of your coop, add a spoonful to nesting boxes and my favorite is to toss it around on the ground of my coop and letting my ladies to the work flinging it about. They are professionals at getting to the bottom of and scratching things up - better than me anyway. Wanna go pro with DE? Get yourself this.

If you started with chicks you know the fountains Can, Do and Will get slimy. It's unavoidable. Haven't raised chicks? I got you: but then you do know that automatic, metal and plastic fountains for your flock are gonna get... and probably, right-now ....are slimy. You might think it's unavoidable. Sure it's easy and time well spent with your flock to unhook, unscrew, dump water fountains and scrub them clean with a little elbow grease. Level up your water boy/girl game with Water Protector and save that elbow grease for collecting eggs!  

Eggs! We are finally talking about eggs! Eggs are, after all, what the merriment is about. Sure it's the whole experience of raising chickens but the nesting box is where the magic happens. Our first to market Nesting Box Blend is a magical array of certified organic herbs and flowers that deter pests in the nesting box, encourage laying and keeps all.the.things smelling naturally fresh. It's Febreeze for nesting boxes. Add to nesting boxes or shake a handful in the coop. You won't be disappointed. Promise. 

Nesting Box Blend

All the best in Health + Happiness in your efforts to stop the stank!

Certified Organic | Artisan Small Batch | Made in the USA | Woman Owned

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