Chicken Moms & Dads to Follow on Instagram - DECEMBER

Chicken Moms & Dads to Follow on Instagram  - DECEMBER

Let’s get this party started with Matt over at Backyard Rancher @backyardrancher. Matt has 11 chickens, 2 dogs, 5 Sulcata tortoises, and 2 rabbits – how’s that for a diverse barnyard. Below you’ll see one of his girls hitching a ride on one of the tortoises! He says his one girl Ethel is his Monday Spirit Animal and “if he’s elected president of the world, his first order will be to make all weekends 4 days long.” Can we get a HELL YEAH?!


chicken on a tortoise

flock of chickens


barred rock chicken

Next we have Rebecca over at Bye Bye Brooklyn @byebyebrooklyn who says they are “city mice gone country” after moving from Brooklyn to a small farm in New Jersey. They have fully embraced the country life, raising 60 chickens, along with bee keeping, sheep, turkeys, dogs, donkeys, and gardening.  If you’re going to do something, do it 100% and they certainly have!


gold laced wyndotte





Now, if you’d like to meet a handful of hens and a naked dog (Mexican Hairless) go check out Jen at East Coast Hens @eastcoasthens. She has a silkie named Coconut and says “Mojitos and chickens – my kind of Monday”… our kind of Monday too … or any day for that matter!




chicken crack


Next is Oliva P Kramer @oliviapkramer who hails from Red Rock Texas. She and her husband Dusty are raising chickens, turkeys, and ducks and neither of them are opposed to letting a chicken rest on their shoulder, or on their head for that perfect shot. She says after moving her turkeys to the area in front of the house, they’ve claimed the front porch as their “hang out zone”. And she says there is nothing better than “the tap tap tap of a turkey beak on the sliding door”.



chicken on shoulder

chicken on head

baby chicks

And now we have The Red Shed Homestead @theredshedhomestead . Bethany and her husband have fully embraced the homesteader life, homeschooling 7 kids, raising a large flock of chickens, some dogs, horses, and goats, along with a garden to feed everyone! She has an adorable rooster with a comb so large it can’t help but flop over and Bethany says “if you’re floppy and you know it, clap your hands”.


floppy comb


baby chick on shoulder

chickens in snow

Lastly but surely not least, we have Robin over at Ruby Rose Farmstead @ruby_rose_farmstead who with her husband is raising four kids, a handful of chickens, two ducks, two rabbits, two mini pigs, and a couple of hounds in Florida. As she says, she “loves that her kids are growing up in a simpler way, feeding up chickens, petting on pigs, and collecting eggs… chickens are the gateway animals to all things farm”. Yup… especially the gateway to more chickens, ha!


woman and chicken

chicken on tractor


Colored Chicken Eggs


Viola! Give these squares a gander next time you're on the 'Gram!

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