Cluck Bucks Update: Round 2

Cluck Bucks Update: Round 2

In the last few months, Cluck Bucks has gone through a lot. It’s been completely revamped, new rewards added, and it received a whole new about page. 

But we weren’t done yet! 

One thing I’ve noticed is how many points some of you have saved up! I’m talking thousands of points, it’s a.lot.of.points.  But you couldn’t use them because Subscribe and Save orders wouldn’t accept the code for Cluck Bucks. (These are two different programs and they do not like one another and refuse to speak to each other.) This means some people have been saving points up for years without ever getting a chance to use them.

So, my team and I put our heads together and started to try and work out a solution to this problem. And we figured something out! 

So here is the brand new, shiny way you can redeem Cluck Bucks even if you are placing a Subscribe and Save Order.

  • After you have added products to your cart but before you hit the “Check out” button, WAIT!
  • Right next to the “Check-out” and “Continue Shopping Buttons” there is a little box where you can leave comments, requests, your thoughts. This box is where you can leave what item you would like to redeem with your points.
  • You can either 
    • Leave the code that allows you redeem the product and what product you would like
    • OR you can just leave what product you would like to redeem. In this case, my team would go in check if you have enough points and then remove the points from your account

Although this isn’t perhaps the most streamlined process, it does allow you to redeem your Cluck Bucks for products you earned! Also if you haven’t seen all the ahhhhhmazing things we offer, you can check out our Cluck Bucks rewards here

Have a question? Want to state your opinion? Leave it down in the comments below! 

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