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Damn You Covid-19, August 2020

Damn You Covid-19, August 2020

Hi, it’s Dawn. It's August bhuut really, who is keeping track?

Here's the situation: I'm going to start out by thanking you for your kindness. I say “kindness” because I’ve been dealing with a few new-ish, naughty rescue hens. Egg eaters, if you will. And, they keep outsmarting me despite my attempts to catch the exact hen in-the-act! And, so sometimes it takes kindness, not only in our regular daily life, but also to raise a flock of otherwise mischievous chickens. If you care too, follow along on social media to get a birds eye view of them outsmarting me day after day. On IG: treats4chickens and on FB: treatsforchickens

In other news backyard chicken ownership continues to be on the rise and although many hatcheries are sold out of baby chicks [or have a wait list] for months, I’m under the impression that Chick Season is going to plow its way right on into November and beyond. What do you think about that? Baby Chicks for the holidays, maybe? I don’t know whether to say hallelujah or STAAP!

With that being said: as a micro-company we need to be prepared to have the additional ingredients on hand for this extended period of time for our recipes [Chick Chick, New Chicks in Town, Cluck’n Sea Kelp, etc]. We’ve been reaching out to regular and new suppliers to ensure purchase orders can be fulfilled. Cross your fingers, a wing and your toes. Supply and demand has been a whole new learning experience this marvelous 2020.

Speaking of ingredients. We are short. I nearly wore out my sniffer. But the truth is that Nesting Box Blend has temporarily been revised. Certified Organic Eucalyptus Leaves and Certified Organic Wormwood are not available. To make up for the absence of Wormwood + Eucalyptus I’ve significantly increased the Tansy for pest control. There’s more of all the other ingredients too. When I say I nearly wore out my sniffer I say so because it’s VERY important to me that she smells nearly, perfectly, absolutely, without-a-doubt, as close to our original blend as physically [and sniffing-ly] possible. If this order contains Nesting Box Blend, please let me know what you think - I’d appreciate the feedback.

Here in Northern California Covid-19 remains a very real thing. We’ve been masked banditos since mid March, rigorously washing our hands and keeping a 6-foot distance whenever possible. If C-19 is prevalent in your community you may be experiencing the unknown with school schedules, work commitments and just about everything else too. At Treats for Chickens we have a diverse group of team members who remain largely stumped on what their winter school semester is looking like. Me too: I’m eager to garner a sweet seat for an accelerated business course through a highly regarded program on the East Coast. The curriculum has migrated to 100% virtual attendance. I’m hopeful to be selected. And so, I think that you and I [and basically everyone], we wait, at a proper social distance, of course, to see how the remainder of 2020 unfolds. #patience #amen

In August, Subscribe + Save customers will enjoy a recipe that is one of my favorites! It’s a good one. There’s even instructions for how to use Diatomaceous Earth for YOU + tips on eggs too. We’ve also revised our Egg Freshness Note Cards and they are back in stock as cute as ever, but cuter! Five cards with envelopes for $10. 

If you haven’t signed up to save 20% with Subscribe + Save give our Cluck Bucks loyalty program a try.

A big virtual hug and huge thanks for supporting my small business. Every order - keeps our doors open and employees paid. Please know that I am grateful for this.

Wishing you and your tribe an abundance of health + happiness.  Love, Dawn

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