Damn You Covid-19, July 2020

Damn You Covid-19, July 2020

Hi, Dawn here.

How is already July? Umph.

Okay, here we go: instead of an egg-intensive recipe, for July I’m sharing my Chicken Yard Checklist in all online orders. You can also find it here. Give it a look-over and add it to your chicken chore list. You’ll be pleased with your birds-eye view and results. It’s sort of like giving your coop and run an inspection.

Which brings me too: we undergo our mother-of-all inspections this month: Certified Organic inspection. It’s an examination and nit-pick of every.single.little.thing.we.do.here. There is zero margin for errors. And, we’ve passed with flying colors 7 years straight. #humbled

Since you too will be poking around giving your chicken coop and run an inspection of sorts, I want to send you over to a couple posts that are helpful.

Specifically, a few posts that are fully coop and chicken-run related. It’s all good stuff that you can do in a pinch, on a dime [or less] and will enhance the overall vibe of where your flock and you get to spend time this Summer + Fall. 

Plants that Thrive and Survive in My Run, 5 DIY Boredom Busters, and finally, Summer Vacation Guide.

Why no recipe this month? Well, I couldn’t bear to, personally, make another any.thing from scratch. I mean, I think we are on day 186 of the restrictions that come with the dirty C-word. During this pandemic I’ve been baking, cooking, broiling, mixing, scrambling and I’m ohh-ver it for realz!  How about you? Besides, July is my birthday month: I’m focusing on delivered, served and takeout – if you get my drift.

Many thanks for being a part of the Team Treats for Chickens crew.  Have a great Summer!  All the best in health and happiness,  Love, Dawn

PS: If you haven’t peeped it out already: I’d like to encourage you to give our Subscribe + Save program a try. It’s a stellar way to snag your favorite products at a great savings. I love a great thing ahnnd saving money too. If you have any questions about it give the office a holler at info@treatsforchickens.com. We are happy to help!


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