Damn You Covid-19, June 2020

Damn You Covid-19, June 2020

Hello, Dawn here. 

If you are new around these parts, welcome to Treats for Chickens. I’m confident you’ll feel the love of how we do things – and we’ve been doing it in serious style since 2009.  We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to ultra-premium, certified organic ingredients.

Our moto is Health + Happiness for the Backyard Chicken and we do with the occasional F bomb, remaining humble and always helpful.   And, if these parts are not new to you, then you already know  –  we thank you for your loyalty and your love for the backyard chicken. 

Okay, here we are. It’s June. The sixth month in the calendar year. The year twenty-twenty. She had so much promise way-way-way back in January, didn’t she? Yes, yes she did. 

There are some things I want you to know and I’ve outlined them below:

I am going to be overly brief, but I want to say this: my heart hurts. The human race is in distress on so many levels, right now. It is my hope that you are finding resources to effectively navigate these troubled times. I’m not in a position to offer guidance or direction as I have not found my own words just yet, but I am seeking out those who are leading the way and teaching me how to be better. Brene Brown, I’m looking at you.

  • I’m not sure we will ever be business as usual here at Treats for Chickens but we remain so.damn.grateful. for your business. Because we are based in Northern California, we are mandated by law to continue to wear personal protective gear while indoors. Instead of high-5’ing or giving good ole’ bear hugs for a victorious moment or job well done, we elbow bump. Lunches and breaks are taken alone to embrace a moment of much-needed reprieve, given our new masked-bandit lifestyle. We are adjusting and hope that you are too. Things just aren’t as they once were, but we all have it in us to adapt and evolve. We got this!
  • In May’s letter I wrote that my Team was returning and how overdue that come-back day was. Well, as of the writing of this note: there’s a whole brand-new “Team Treats”. I won’t get into the details of how this came to be, but the universe works in wondrous ways and today we are stronger and more agile. Few things make me happier than a crew of chicks passionate about following my lead and making a spectacular product for you and your flock. And, get this: we have NO idea what each other looks like under our masks. I suspect we will have an unmasking par-tay one day in the future.
  • Sadly, I lost two hens in May. Bruno ahnnd Tooti. My Naked Necks. There is a silence in the coop and run that is so loud and empty.  Those two took space and lived their lives fully. Especially Tooti. I have ZERO idea what happened to them. Not a predator. No sign of any struggle. I will never really know. What I do know is that they lived life in a special kind of joyous way. Fast forward to today: new flock members have joined The Coop at Treats for Chickens and have fully taken residence of The Mini Coop’r.  Find out more on @treats4chickens on Instagram or @treatsforchickens on facebook.

June subscribe + save orders got three recipes! I will admit the last one was a tiny bit different and  I’m glad I gave it a go.  And, number two: who would have thought? 

Please continue to share on social media – it gets the word out to the world that we are open and shipping orders! And, by all means, don’t hold back: please leave an honest review about your experience with our products. Other chicken parents take your suggestions and comments to heart and I read every one.

Sending you a Covid-19 compliant elbow bump of love, health + happiness.  Dawn

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