Editing + Combining Orders

Editing + Combining Orders

This sucks and that's about all I can say about it.

I'm not very good at laying down the law bhuut it's gotta be done. Here's the thing: we are screwing it up more than we are making it better. I'm talking about editing and combining orders after they have been placed.

Packing Online Orders at Treats for Chickens

What seems like a super, duper, no brainer, easy-peasy task actually involves three people ahnnnd moving targets and different computer programs.

I wish it wasn't so but here's the new law of the land here at Treats for Chickens:

Requests to combine regular, non subscribe + save orders are often able to be accommodated if the request is made, via email at orders@treatsforchickens.com, less than 15 minutes after the initial order is placed. Subscribe + Save orders requesting add-on products require a new order.

Getting Orders Ready

We are MORE.THAN.HAPPY to help you get this done in-house [over the phone] or via email. Lay it on us. We are here to help. It's the lightening time frame that's the change. Ahnnd, it's gotta happen fast. 

On weekdays: call 707.664.8124 and email us at orders@treatsforchickens.com. Over the weekends: email us at orders@treatsforchickens.com

Orders are usually processed within 1-2 days, sometimes 3 if it's a weekend/holiday, or if we are having a promotion.

The following shipping methods are available and the charge for each will be displayed during the checkout process. 

USPS Priority Mail
UPS Ground

Dawn and online orders

Thanks for being a great chicken parent and all around wonderful human being!

- dawn

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