Gourd... I Love You

Gourd... I Love You

Gourd… I Love You

Fall is here! Which means I’m beginning to see all the pumpkin things. Pumpkin spice lattes, trick or treat goodies… pumpkin pie! However, it’s also time for our favorite healthy snacks as well! I, for one, enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds-- both delicious and healthy. And, now, you can give your chickens their own healthy, pumpkin seed treat!

Gourd, I Love You is here to give your chickens a chance to enjoy the autumn snacks as well. Gourd, I Love You is here to give your chickens the necessary nutrients in the tastiest way possible. As your girls get ready to take a much needed egg-laying break, Gourd, I Love You helps replenish any nutrients lost during laying season. The pumpkin seeds-- along with the calendula and kelp meal-- aid in digestion, are known to help remove parasites, and strengthen bones and muscles. What can’t it do?

This is a seasonal product, so get it before it’s gone! Add a fun little seasonal treat to your girls’ diet. They’ll love it!

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