Health + Happiness + Navigating this Virus + a Humble Request

Health + Happiness + Navigating this Virus + a Humble Request

Hi, it's Dawn. I am writing to send you ALL the health + happiness, good vibes ahnnnd moments of good, deep breathing + time well-spent with your chickens. It feels like a tall order but we can get through this.

I'm also here to tell you how Treats for Chickens is responding to this pandemic and I've outlined all.the.things below:

  • We are operating on a skeleton crew to allow team members to be at home with family. If possible they are working remotely to ensure the day to day functions of Treats for Chickens are managed. 
  • We have ordered ingredients and supplies for two reasons: 1.) to ensure we have the capacity to create and ship product. 2.) to financially support our vendor partners during this critical time as they too plan ahead and look toward company closures and employee shortages.
  • In addition to the already strict protocol that we follow for our USDA Certified Organic status we are following the recommendations of the WHO and the CDC with regard to our manufacturing/production protocols, receiving/shipping formalities and overall general sanitation and good manufacturing practices.

It is my goal to continue to make the best damn chicken products on the planet, period! And, as a small business we will continue to be here as a company fulfilling your orders until we are mandated otherwise. 

Here's the thing: I realize wholeheartedly that treating your chickens and sprucing up nesting boxes is not on the list of apocalyptic essentials. I am working hard behind the scene in hopes that I am able to welcome my employees back to a healthy, financially stable company once we have passed the curve and return to a sense of normalcy.

And this is where it gets hard for me: asking for your help.

  • Please, continue to purchase Treats for Chickens products from your local retailers website, from Amazon or from us directly at
  • I would like to encourage you to sign up for Subscribe + Save.  Customers who take advantage of  Subscribe + Save  have first priority on shipments and products. Even sweeter: all items in Subscribe + Save are discounted 20%. Orders are shipped to your door on the schedule you choose. Edit, pause, or cancel at any time. 
  • Maybe you don't have chickens bhuut you do know someone in your circle that does raise chickens. Again, while it's not on the essentials list a Gift Card from Treats for Chickens would most certainly spark a little joy.

If you continue to shop Treats for Chickens products we have a greater chance of welcoming back employees to the jobs they love at this small but mighty company. 

A bit of housekeeping but I think it's important that you know that as a subscriber to the Treats for Chickens newsletter you will continue to receive scheduled content by way of emails, DIY tutorials, as well as product solutions and spotlights for your chicken keeping. These emails are automated.

In my effort to stay connected to you: I decided to continue to provide this content. I'm not being insensitive to the reality around us. I want you to have access to this information. And, if there's something that you'd like to see over the next few weeks - let me know by sending an email to

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Stay safe friends. Make good choices. Be an example and for heavens sakes: wash your hands!

All the best in health. Love, Dawn

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