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How I Suck at Winter Chicken Keeping + My Quick Solutions

How I Suck at Winter Chicken Keeping + My Quick Solutions

I was thinking: I know my personal chicken-keeping habits and patterns... ahnnd during this time of year...I suck. I suck at being a good chicken mom.

And, so here's four things I'm going to do to get it together for me + my flock:

  1. It's nearly Winter and the weather is brisk, the ground is muddy or nearly frozen. For me it's muddy. My chickens have minimal places to forage for goodies. I'm going to add Healthy Hen Wellness Blend to a bigger feeder that I'm going to find in storage in Petaluma [see more about that below] and I'll be mixing up a batch of Molt Mender. It might sound crass but I'll be opening up the door between rain storms and flinging the Molt Mender patties out into the chicken yard. My flock will be so grateful and won't even notice my less than cordial quickie amidst the rain and hail. #win
  2. Next up: find my big feeder so there is ALWAYS food on hand and available. Even if it means I'm feeding the Three Blind Mice. Which I will be [hopefully only in moderation though]. 
  3. Then: I'll be zipping into my local feed store to grab a bale of shavings. I don't usually go the way of the deep litter method bhuuut I am right now. At least this week I am. Pro Tip: Get a bale of shavings [it comes in a wonderful poly/plastic wrap aka you can put it in your car], dump a good foot or two in the coop, under roosts and especially in nesting boxes. Whalla. Just like new! And the shavings hold in heat too.
  4. Oh goodness: because my coop + run and nesting boxes are not spiffy like I like them to be...and because there's spider webs almost everywhere + a layer of dust too and, and, and, since it's been raining . . . . there is a scent that I can't quite explain. . . Nesting Box Blend and DooKashi are needed to stop the stink and freshen things up. Both are getting sprinkled in all the places. We are all going to better for it too.

So, there you have it: my plan to feel better [and not suck so bad] about my crappy winter-ish chicken keeping. 

I'm certain you have tips too and I'll love to learn about them. Comment below - 

PS: if you are interested I wrote a DIY on easy boredom busters for your flock. It's a quick 5-6 minute read. You can find it here.

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