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I opened my coop door and ...blech!

I opened my coop door and ...blech!

I happily opened my coop door and literally gagged. I don't even know how in the F it got so gross smelling so quickly!! Because, let me tell you, I think I'm pretty good about it. And, I am not one to take the funk lightly. I'm not obsessive and weird but I do my best to keep it clean in there on the regular.

In hindsight: there have been some soggy-foggy mornings and days with little or no solid sunshine. And, its winter. You are feeling me, right? Coops can get stinky.


If you are new to the DooKashi brand you are going to find this to be a staple, must-have and essential in your chicken-keeping regiment. I'm going to be blunt: DooKashi is what toilet paper is to humans: crucial. Thankfully you don't need to use it as often though. A sprinkling here-and-there eliminates the odors and fowl smell of ammonia that lingers in chicken poop. 

DooKashi Poultry Deodorizer

Now, this doesn't mean you get to fling it all over and never clean your coop. It buys you time and stops the stink in-between. Try it. I'm 100% certain that you'll be extremely grateful. I use just about a pound a month.

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Some other facts about DooKashi Coop Deodorizer:

  • It's now made with Non-GMO Rice Bran. It usto contain Wheat Bran and well, chickens ate it. My personal opinion is that things were working just fine because there's nothing like starting at the source. I mean, if the chickens are eating it then their poop shouldn't stink right?  Not all consumers saw it that way. 
  • Rice Bran is much finer and more of a granular as opposed to a Wheat flake. Sprinkle it every.where. Trust me, it works.
  • Into composting? DooKashi speeds up the process.
  • Made in the USA | Woman Owned + Operated | Small Batch


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