Love + Boredom + Chickens

February 08, 2019

Love + Boredom + Chickens

Each year, for the last bazillion years, my husband and I have met up after work, on Valentines Day. Even if this Day of Love falls on a Saturday. IF "Day of Love" falls on a Sunday: NOT A CHANCE!

Joining us at the table: our tax man. Our IRS tax man. 

It's about as romantic as stepping in a gopher hole. It's what we do and it works out really well for the three of us. One heck of a Valentines tradition, right? 
I also have another Valentines tradition, a tradition that you might find more enjoyable and benefit from more than mine...

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Buuuttt if you'll allow me to play Cupid 💘 I'd be honored to make suggestions. Keep on reading....
The weather sucks basically everywhere. WTF. The weather is terrible and your birds are missing out on opportunities to be out foraging. Am I right?

{And, to prove it please install the WTF app on your phone. It's the
"What The Forecast" app. Click that link and get a good chuckle. Get it? WTF!} 

Problem? Cabin Fever. Snowed-In. Bored as Shi-Tzu.
With the Double Boredom Bundle you get two bags of Chicken Crack + two chicken toys and in minutes, cabin fever is a thing of the past. Your flock will benefit from the bug protein & organic grains in Chicken Crack, and well... "snowed-in" is going to take a snow-blower but I guarantee the boredom and bullying subsides with this bundle with the help of the chicken toy. Plus - you're getting 10% off.
Better Brooder Blend Chickens Coop Chicken Feed
Add a double-stuffed bag of Better Brooder Blend to your order. Sprinkle a handful into trough and hanging feeders. Feeling generous: toss two loving handfuls into the covered run or coop. Not only will your flock spend HOURS searching meticulously for each and every seed, herb flake and flower but they'll spend HOURS doing it. See the pattern here? HOURS of activity. Hours of healthy activity. Smart, right? Yep. {PC: @lazy_b_acres on IG}
Chickens aren't laying eggs? Less hours in the day will do this but maybe your nesting boxes are gross? OK, maybe not gross but how about "untidy"?  

Problem? Gross Nesting Boxes + Hens Not Laying Eggs.
Solution: DE + Nesting Box Blend anndd These 3 Steps.

Step#1: Switch from shavings to straw. And, if you're already straw - switch to shavings. Maybe you don't do either. It doesn't matter. Just switch to something different! Then keep reading for steps 2 and 3.
Diatomaceous Earth Nesting Boxes Chicken Coop DE
Step #2: Clean the nest boxes. Add add a generous layer of Diatomaceous Earth into the cracks and crevasse of the nesting boxes. Don't be stingy. Share the love. Use a spoon or Pest Pistol and shovel it in those corners and seams. DE reduces moisture and pests which = a must have in your coop.

Nesting Box Blend Nesting Boxes Herbs for Hens
Step #3: Next add the new straw, shavings, rice hulls, sand, newspaper, your husbands old t-shirts, dried upcycled leaves.. whatever the new thing is - put it in there. Add a handful of Nesting Box Blend. Don't be stingy here either. Not only does this stuff smell REALLY good, but the organic herbs are a pest-repellent and incredibly soothing/healing for your girls. They love it and believe me, you'll love it too.

Lastly, it's almost Easter so slip a few plastic Easter eggs, golf balls, ceramic eggs or SOMETHING in those nesting boxes and see if you can't get those girls back in business again!

PS: I don't know about you but come Valentine's Day... if I come home to a clean house and things are smelling nice and fresh ahnnd there's a treat there for me {box of chocolate for instance} - I AM GOING TO BE SUSPICIOUS AF 😉

And, I might just lay an egg.

But, there's a bigger change your chickens will lay an egg with the tips + tricks I just gave you. Do you need a quick re-cap?

• Double Boredom Bundle = No more boredom/bullying
• Better Brooder Blend = Hours of healthy foraging
• Diatomaceous Earth = Sayonara to moisture and pests
• Nesting Box Blend = Smells great + soothing/healing for your girls

So go one, give it a try.  

Oh, and don't forget: The whole website is open for sale - use coupon code: LoveAndBoredom20 to receive 20% off during checkout.

* The Fine Print: Use coupon code: LoveAndBoredom20 during checkout to receive 20% off site-wide. Only 1 coupon code eligible per order. Coupon code excludes previously discounted products/bundles. Coupon code expires Tuesday 2/12/2019 at midnight PST. *

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