Not Just For Kids

January 17, 2017

Not Just For Kids

Have you read "A Kids Guide to Keeping Chickens" by Melissa Caughey - the author of Tillys Nest?

What are you waiting for? It's adorable. Seriously. I am by NO means a "kid" and I got a kick out of each and every informative page. To say that I have "coop envy" is an understatement (see page 6) - it's dreamy.

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

And to be frank - I'm a tad bit biased when it comes to writing a review, giving my opinion and making sure everyone I know has a copy of her book, is reading it or has read it. How could I not be, as Melissa and I have been long-distance chickens-lovin' friends since early 2008. In chicken years, that's almost a life time.

You most definitely do not need to be a kid to enjoy, learn and have your own copy to refer to. We've "eggs-perimented" too: the rubber egg being our all-time-favorite (at the Treats for Chickens office) and the Apple-Pecan Puffed Pancake taking the lead for a strong win at home (husband loves pancakes).


I'm not a newbie to chickens and Melissa's story line caught my attention - and kept it. From the uropygial gland (the WHAT gland?, pg 11) to Home is Where the Heart Is (I'll be a chicken in my next life) to Handling, Training and Playing with Chickens - yes, yes - chickens make the best pets: treat them well and you've got a yard pal, the greatest poop for your garden projects and the freshest egg everything for years to come.

The world is just better with chickens.The world is just better with chickens.

The backyard chicken movement is sure to skillfully progress now that the perfect "how-to" is in our capable hands.


Dawn, Owner of Treats for Chickens

Originally posted May 2015

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