Our Dirty Little Hen and Where To Find Missing Eggs....

February 14, 2017

Our Dirty Little Hen and Where To Find Missing Eggs....

So, we have a Buff Orpington, who is about 6 months old. Her name is Daphne, and she is a total sweetheart, although a bit peculiar... Let me explain a little more..

daphneSo here she is (she just got done playing in the rain and mud when this photo was snapped: hence the dirty beak and comb). Adorable right? Just in case you aren't infatuated yet..

IMG_6029Here she is again! She came running full speed at me when I was capturing this one (maybe because I had some Chicken Crack in my hand...hmmm). Maybe one more photo?

jess 2Ta-da! Okay, you probably have seen enough. She's adorable, right? I sold you on that part. But remember how I mentioned she's a bit peculiar? Yes, let me show you why..

daphne secret spot

Here is Daphne, in her secret egg-laying hideaway nesting box. Although there are 8 other perfectly fine nesting boxes for her to choose from (these were even fluffed and refilled with shavings, diatomaceous earth, and nesting box blend the day before Dawn took this!) all 8 of those are being ruled by our broody Australorp hen at the moment... So! Daphne has decided to take over the construction site of the new coop..

coop siteTucked right behind that corner is where she has decided to do her business for the time being. What a total weirdo, right?! Haha! We absolutely LOVE Daphne, but c'mon girl. Seriously??

coopI spy something... white.. or brown.. Maybe it is Daphne's secret egg stash! I'm on to you girl!

Stay posted for future updates on Daphne and her mysterious nesting box adventures.. Until next time my fellow chicken lovers!

Originally posted July, 2016

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