Oyster Shell Update + Changes + Good News!

Oyster Shell Update + Changes + Good News!


As of the writing of this we've made some changes here at Treats for Chickens to accommodate the Great Oyster Shell Shortage of 2020-2021. *For more on the shortage click here.

PULLET TOGETHER has been temporarily revised to include limestone grit, instead of oyster shells. 

I have good news though: it's not half bad. The whole dang agriculture industry has adapted to the use of the limestone grit because it shares the same nutritional properties as the former oyster shell - and as you can see below it's quite pretty, if you are into that an all.

Here's the thing: the tumbled coral rock that is found is other brands of Oyster Shell may have the same nutritional properties too: but my chickens won't eat it.  And, so with that being said I'm pretty happy about this substitute!

OYSTER SHELL 5 LBSIt's looking like the availability of oyster shell, in general, has been extended, again. October is the new expected date [from the supplier] but I'd rather under-promise and over-deliver so I'm hopeful to back in in your inbox with a fabulous announcement of it's availability right around January 1, 2022.
Until then, wishing you all the health and happiness!

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