Real talk with Jocoya - Treats for Chickens

Real talk with Jocoya - Treats for Chickens

Hi, everyone!

This is Jocoya, Treats for Chickens Administrator. 

Small Business Saturday (Shop Small movement) is coming up on November 26th. While most of us will be off enjoying time with family and friends, many Americans have left their families to assume a position behind the counter (or desktop) at their local shop, restaurant, cafe, dry-cleaner, eCommerce, you-name-it. These are the people who wake up at 5:00 AM to beat the first customer to the door or on the phone, the ones that will stay open late because they know the 6:30 PM bus is running behind or a customer reads their email right after dinner. They are the individuals who not only understand how essential the little things in life are but that they come with hard work.

So this Saturday, I ask that you take a moment to appreciate the small business owners of this country—especially in the city you call home. Take a walk into town and start your holiday shopping at the local store instead of the mega online platform or chain department store. Take the kids out for a hot choco at a tiny joint that was started by that sweet couple instead of that Starbucks with the decorated cups. If the holidays are not your jam, maybe purchase organic crackers from an elderly veteran’s eCommerce store. Whatever small business you choose, this small gesture, if we all make an effort, can help U.S. small businesses prosper. 

I grew up as a daughter of a small business owner. My father defined my work ethic for me. He rose with the sun and worked far beyond 9:00 PM. He worked until the work was done. Was it because he wanted to? Sometimes. But mostly, it was because he had to. It takes a lot of effort for a small business to succeed. They don’t have a force of thousands, hundreds, or even twenty to get the job done. They are small but resilient. 

Oh man, 2022~

This year, 2022, small businesses are being hit with inflation, general price increase from items to shipping, scarcity of sources, staff shortages, fuel shortages, freight slowdowns, skyrocketing theft, mental stress, and much more. But, because of these ongoing hurdles like these, I appreciate this small business that nests in Sonoma County- Treats for Chickens. Many need to realize that Treats for Chickens consists of only a handful of employees plus a dog. My peers are hard-working, passionate, hilarious, and insightful- I might add, awesome to hang with. Plus, I get this gorgeous view from my desk.

Treats for Chickens Backyard Chicken Parents

As the administration manager at Treats for Chickens, I also answer phones and emails at our office. It almost always shocks people when they do not get an automated system on the other end of the line and that I or any other member of our little team is willing to drop whatever we’re doing to assist them and their flock’s needs. 

Why do we do this?

At Treats for Chickens, we value our relationships with customers. We understand that if you’re calling, it’s because your flock needs a supplement or you want to be active in the chicken community, aka the fellowship of feathered friend lovers (whew, that was a mouthful). But ultimately, you want to treat your fowls with the best!

We want customers to love our products as much as we do. Because we get it! We are also chicken parents, too. We’re passionate about blending ingredients, building relationships with great suppliers, and creating corny chicken puns. We create products that we know will provide your flock health and happiness. So while there are only a few hours every day, we make efforts to ensure that our customers are helped because it really means something to us.

And I want to say

Whilst we do not have a storefront where you can come visit us, we encourage you to “stop by”- in the comments section below or, if you feel shy, leave a note on your next purchase with us. 

Anywho, let us know what you think, and accept the tremendous thank you we’re sending for helping make this small business what it is today! Together, we can support each other, and we can contribute to the chicken community—Shop small, Big love.


-Jocoya, Treats for Chickens 🧡


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