We Are Hiring: Business Administrative Assistant

We Are Hiring:  Business Administrative Assistant

Business Administrative Assistant; Part Time, 3 days a week. On-site in Cotati, CA. 

Since 2009 Treats for Chickens has made the goods that help forward thinking chicken owners keep their flocks healthy with our Certified Organic and Non-GMO treats, vitamin supplements and herbal bedding.

Unlike many companies, advanced education is not a requirement at Treats for Chickens. We believe that the best individuals come with varied backgrounds and experiences, and value work ethic, problem-solving skills, intellectual curiosity, and a positive attitude more than a specific degree. In keeping with these ideals, we are a second chance employer.

What we DO require is a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and the ability to hustle. Not to scare you, but we want to be completely transparent with our expectations – jobs at Treats for Chickens are not strictly desk jobs. We hustle hard – often on our feet, up and down stairs – for a significant portion of each day. And we have fun while we do it. We help out in other areas as needed, so the ability to flex is extremely important.

About the role: We’re looking for a highly motivated, over the top, Jane/Jack-of-All-Trades individual to assist the founder and CEO, Dawn Russell. This is not a typical administrative or assistant position, so please read this thoroughly to see if the position would be a good fit before applying.

The ideal candidate will be extremely organized, have impeccable communication skills (both written and oral), a sense of the Treats for Chickens brand, be self-motivated, scrappy, and love doing a little of a whole lot. To be a great fit, you’ll need to thrive in a changing environment where your daily activities change. You’ll need to be intellectually curious, have exceptional problem-solving skills and be someone who goes over and above the required expectation. You’ll need to be able to spot potential obstacles before it becomes an issue, find a solution quickly, efficiently and with a great attitude.

If you’re a super organized, detail-oriented person who likes to think three steps ahead at all times, this might be the perfect position for you! You’ll need spot-on accuracy and the ability to self-manage priorities to ensure tasks are done well and on time. We can’t stress how important attention to detail is in this role. You can make mistakes, as long as you learn from them, so you don’t make them repeatedly. You’ll need to be forward thinking to be able to anticipate the needs of your role so Dawn doesn’t have to communicate every task, with the end result of you being able to take things off her mental load.

This position will require some light but basic proficiency with math, weight conversions and percent’s. The ideal candidate will be highly responsible and trustworthy and be willing to learn in this area.

It goes without saying that the ideal candidate will be compulsively organized. As a small business, we aren’t often afforded the opportunity to analyze a situation for a long period of time to find the best solution. We are looking for someone who can use excellent judgement and problem-solving skills in tandem with Dawn to keep the company moving along smoothly.

We've Got Something to Crow About - Although we mentioned it previously, it bears repeating that excellent communication is a must for this role. You’ll be the founder’s right hand, you’ll need to quickly learn the Treats for Chickens brand and story so you can speak and write fluently about the company. You’ll also need to learn the tone so you can assist in email correspondence and product, marketing and packaging copy. We will require you to submit writing samples to be considered for this position. You’ll be communicating daily with Dawn when she’s in the shop or away, as well as with Manufacturing and Production. You’ll also need to be prompt with response times. This position won’t be a good fit if you are someone who doesn’t respond in a timely fashion, as timeliness is very important to the founder - both internally and externally.

Physical Demands and Warehouse Environment: Treats for Chickens operates in a drafty warehouse. We function as a manufacturing facility. The warehouse is open space that can be warm or cold and dusty from grain and dried herbs (especially on busy days). Our work-space is pretty much the opposite of most office environments you might be accustomed to. If a posh work-space is a priority this might not be ideal for you. Appropriate attire will be expected for this environment.

Treats for Chickens is an equal opportunity employer and we greatly value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

To apply: send an email to info@treatsforchickens.com and include a note about why you believe you are the best candidate as well as your understanding that this is a part time position. Include your resume as an attachment. Whoo Hoo! Let's do this!!


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