Full-Time Position. Mondays-Fridays. 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST. [Flexible schedule but requires consistency]

Onsite Position in Sonoma County [only]

Salary contingent on experience; range $17-$25 USD

Who We Are: since 2009, Treats for Chickens has helped pioneering chicken owners keep their flocks healthy and happy with our Certified Organic and Non-GMO treats, vitamin supplements, and herbal bedding. Learn more about us: www.treatsforchickens.com and on IG @treatsforchickens.

Here at Treats for Chickens, we believe that the best individuals come with varied backgrounds and experiences, and value problem-solving skills, work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and a bright outlook more than a specific degree. In keeping with these ideals, we are a second-chance employer.

What We DO Require: a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and the ability to hustle. All jobs here are not strictly desk jobs. We hustle hard – often on our feet, up and down stairs – for a significant portion of each day. And we have fun while we do it. We help in other areas as needed, so openness is extremely important.

About the Role: we’re looking for a highly motivated, over the top, Swiss Army Knife individual to assist the founder and CEO with the vision with Marketing, Content Creation and Assets. This is not a typical Marketing position, so please thoroughly read to see if this position is a good fit before applying.

What Makes a Great Fit: you’ll be working in collaboration with the founder putting their future ideas in to action. And, because you are an imaginative, meticulous, and a methodical character who thinks three steps ahead – this will be a breeze for you. From creating more Treats for Chickens’ brand awareness to connecting with our customers with content, which they are eager for. We work as a team, and you’ll be open to others input and direction. The ability to self-manage is critical: ensuring priorities, creatives and content are done well and ahead of deadlines and printing. We can’t stress how important the ability to self-manage is in this role.

Position’s Basics: you’ll help plan long-term content strategies and develop content for a wide range of topics that pertain to all things chicken and chicken parents; take a practical and creative approach to SEO. You are a savant at targeting keywords but also write beautifully; the creation of ongoing seasonal marketing calendars; advanced creation and scheduling on social media channels; development of newsletter content [Klaviyo]; and creation of online order inserts [Canva]. You’re active with your camera too!!! No camera, no problem.

To be Successful in this Position: you’ll have fresh ideas and approaches, are updated on technology, platforms, and trends. You are visionary and concise in communication. Curious and active on the whys and the hows. You will approach your role digging in and poking around rather than asking “what are we doing today?’

Repurposing/evergreen approach is smart but let’s not get stuck in a rut. Because chickens are seasonal creatures, seasonality will be the guiding compass for marketing. As a small business, we aren’t often afforded the opportunity to analyze a situation for a long period of time to find the best solution.  Excellent judgement and problem-solving skills in tandem with Management is the best method to move smoothly.

Strong analytical skills - ability to gather, identify, understand, summarize, and present data monthly/seasonally/annually and devise a plan of what to do next within the required deadlines. Be forward in asking and sharing questions with peers: Was the sponsored post a flop? Why? Was it the time of day, the day of week, wrong platform, was our message inconsistent with our brand, etc?

Your work will connect with our current [and new] community of individuals [deeply in love with their flocks] and is a component of expressing our relatability and company values. While our current community is active, your work will increase brand awareness, reach new flock owners, and convert them to loyal customers – ultimately reaching revenue goals.

You are a Wizard of apps, community platforms, and social media: Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. TikTok. Tumblr. Reddit. And the analytic tools/service available for each one. But can also maneuver in classic strategies: emailing marketing, mail promos, show sales, ads, magazines, our blog. You’ll understand, or quickly learn, the inner workings of various platforms and how they fit for our ideal customer and audience. Your graphic design and our brand aesthetic will be cohesively woven throughout all platforms.

Technical Stuff: experience on these or related programs and skills, MS Excel, Klaviyo, TripleWhale, Shopify, Canva, Google Analytics, Tableau/Sprinklr, Adobe Photoshop, Drobox, WordPress, SQL, CDP, UX design, HTLM, CSS, JavaScript, CRM data, SEO, A/B testing, Marketing Mix Model, engagement in RFM, and concise in forecasting and reporting, especially on KPIs. All not required but be sure to let us know if you’ve got these skills. Of note: we use PC’s in a networked environment.

Physical Demands and Warehouse Environment: Treats for Chickens operates in a drafty warehouse. We function as a manufacturing facility. The warehouse is open space that can be warm or cold and dusty from grain and dried herbs. But it smells so good here! Our workspace is pretty much the opposite of most office environments you might be accustomed to. Business-lite casual – no heels.

Bonus: familiar with e-Commerce/retail, animal/farm/pet food/communities, but not required.

***Current or previous pet chicken ownership is helpful, but not required.

The Nitty Gritty: Treats for Chickens is an equal opportunity employer and we greatly value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We are in compliance with state public health protocols.

If you think you would be a good fit with us. Please apply via email [admin@treatsforchickens.com] and provide the following:

  • An opening letter telling us about yourself and why you feel this is a good fit for you. [must include]
  • Your updated resume. [must include]
  • Three professional references that includes an email address and/or phone number. [these will be kept confidential]
  • Include an active link to your digital portfolio [work samples]. If none, please provide a 60 second video about the work you have done and could do. And have fun!
  • Include social media handles, if they apply.


If you have been looking for an opportunity to make your break into this kind of work, are working on your marketing/communication degree, or a seasoned content marketer, we want to hear from you.

We are hiring immediately and look forward to meeting you.  A phone interview will take place first followed by an in-person/on-site in our Cotati, CA office and fully masked interview.


***Please note, we will start reviewing Applications on 01.21.2022. Thank you.***



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