What You Should Know About The Mealworms You Feed To Your Chickens.....

What You Should Know About The Mealworms You Feed To Your Chickens.....

Have you ever pondered, just for even a second, what these taste like?  I have.  And, I've eaten them too.  More on that below.

There are some significant benefits to having Mealworm Delight ready for your flock - keep on reading.

  • Teach your chickens tricks with Mealworm Delight. Simply hold up a worm or two and they will follow after you, turn from the left to the right, sit atop a chair - the trick list goes on and on and on. Give it a try.
  • Feather re-growth in molting hens. Did you know that? And, mealworms help make pretty feathers at that.
  • Chickens not behaving (roosting in wrong spaces, staying out longer at night, etc.) can be resolved swiftly with Treats for Chickens Mealworm Delight. Just a few mealworms and everyone is back on their best behavior.
  • Mealworms have lysine in them. Lysine is an amino acid that assists in optimizing growth in poultry.
  • It's important to know that mealworms are high in protein, really high so easy does it. 53% protein in about a quarter cup to be exact.
  • During the warmer months you can add mealworms to mixtures of dried/fresh herbs and fruit, freeze and serve as a cool treat.
Chickens LOVE Mealworm Delight!

Ohhhh, the yummy, irresistible, crunchy, teach-your-chicken-tricks tasty treat. That is just what our original Mealworm Delight is. We introduced Mealworm Delight in 2011 and since then, have been up to our ears in dried worms. Like, we could fill a swimming pool with all these worms.

Mealworm Delight comes in a 1lb 6oz resealable bag!
Originally posted August, 2016

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