Why Use DE: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Why Use DE: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Eath (DE) is a fossil shell flour that can be used as an internal wormer to control insects and to help aide in parasite removal in both animals and people (yes, people.. a longtime customer of ours adds a teaspoon of Food Grade DE to her yogurt every morning. She swears by it.)

Sounds great, right? So, how does it work? Well, there are a few ways to explain how this powder works its magic...

  1. On a microscopic level, the DE particles are very sharp looking. These particles stick to an insect and get stuck between its exoskeleton joints. As the insect moves, it gets physically cut up. (harsh: yes. effective: yes!)
  2. DE sticks to the insect and somehow causes them to dry out. This approach involves scratching the insects waxy layer, which then allows precious moisture within the insect to get out.
With regard to DE and your chickens: DE can be dusted around the coop by using an accordion like dispenser, mixed in with bedding material in nesting boxes, and when added to dusting holes and gullies works wonders in preventing and eliminating pests on your pet chickens.


Chickens can get lice and mites on their skin, in and around their feather follicles, but these nasty little exoskeleton bugs can't stand up to being "dusted" with DE and they perish.

DE is a natural wormer, which means it eliminates many parasites without those harsh chemicals. No more worrying about the possibility of poisoning you or your beloved flock.

It's super easy to use, too. Some wear a standard mask when using/applying DE - it's up to you. 

All you do is add 2% to your flock’s regular feed intake.

Diatomaceous Earth also eliminates pests in stored grain and feed containers.  plus helps to reduce moisture and pests in coops, run, nesting boxes, litter boxes, compost piles, and other moist areas.

Don't you hate that nasty smell of overpowering chicken poop? This powder reduces compost and chicken poop odor. I sprinkle it under roosts. Not to mention, helps promote shinier feathers and coats, as well as maintaining a better production of eggs and overall health.

By this point, you MUST be wondering.. Where can I get some of THIS? Well, look no further...

Ta-da! We offer a hefty 2 lb re-sealable bag of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, as well as the DE dispenser on our website. A little DE goes a long way. Click HERE to read more benefits of this earthy powder!

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