Basically Free Product + Your Thoughts

Basically Free Product + Your Thoughts


I'm back in school as of late August.

Can I persuade you to help me with an assignment? If you complete a super long, but really easy, survey you'll receive 50 Cluck Bucks for helping me out-- and you'll want these as we are revamping the Cluck Bucks program!

Here's the situation: if I had it my way this would be a real one-on-one conversation - - but that's not realistic. So, this will be me, sitting down with you, [on your digital device] having a chitty chat. Sound good?

If the persuasion sounds good to you: YOU CAN COMPLETE THE SURVEY RIGHT HERE.  This is a LONG survey, but mainly yes and no questions.... so please don't fly to the coop before you make it to the end + please be honest.  

Much Love and Thanks!

PS: We'll be checking and adding Cluck Bucks to accounts on a weekly basis. 

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