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Got a few chickens hanging around at your backdoor begging for treats?  Maybe you've overheard some kabitzing about your nesting boxes or you've noticed an egg with a thin shell, yolks aren't looking too vibrant and fluffy butt Friday is long gone with Henny Penny's toosh? 

The Healthy Hen Wellness Bundle, BANTAM, will take care of all.of.it! 

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There's only a few set aside for this bundled promotion so grab them while you can.

Healthy Hen Wellness Bundle contains: 

  • Chicken Crack
  • Cluck Yea
  • Nesting Box Blend
  • Cluck'n Sea Kelp samples + DIY card
  • Egg Freshness Test magnet
  • Stickers

Bundled savings: 49.99. Regular price $52.99

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