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Hi! It's Dawn....for THIS Wednesday Flock Special I put together a combo of items that'll make you and your hens happy: pests and bugs....not so happy. And, this Special contains real, true, oyster shells from oysters. Here at Treats for Chickens you get the real deal not that weird tumbled rock stuff. 

Here's what you get delivered right to your door:

  • 1 big bag of Nesting Box Blend - 40 applications per bag! 
  • 1 small bag of Chicken Crack because treats are necessary!!
  • 1 big bag of real Oyster Shells. The.Real.Deal. Not those weird rock pieces you see for sale elsewhere - for strong eggshells
  • 1 big bag of Diatomaceous Earth for pest control, nesting boxes and the coop

Bundle Pricing: 92.99.   Regular priced: $102.96. 


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