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Limestone Grit - FREE SHIPPING

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100% Calcium Carbonate | Chicken Grit | Made in the USA | Woman Owned

Treats for Chickens supplement, Limestone Grit– an Online Eggsclusive.

Here’s what you need to know: chickens of all ages need grit to help them with digestion. As chickens do not have teeth, they need grit  (little rocks) to help break down and digest their feed. The Great Oyster Shell Storage from mid-2020 to mid-2022. Due to that shortage, Treats for Chickens found a solution. Drumroll........ 100% calcium carbonate that's been crushed into small little bits of grit.  This is not pebbles or tumbled coral. The good news is that Limestone aka Calcium Carbonate is high in calcium, very high = 34%. Yes, you heard us right! Limestone is incredibly rich in natural calcium, which your flock members need to properly lay all those beautiful eggs and to restore calcium during molt and the off-laying season.

Limestone Grit will include two, 10lb bags + FREE SHIPPING on this item onlyIf Limestone is ordered with other items, free shipping will automatically be voided. 

And big shout out to those that reached out to San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control! Thank you for being guards to the chicken community.

If interested in Oyster Shell grit, Cluck here

At Treats for Chickens, we supplied this natural chicken grit to be an eggceptional part of your feathered pet’s wellness. 

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    Tips For Use


    Fling, scatter or sprinkle this Limestone Grit supplement on the ground to encourage natural foraging, scratching and pecking! Supplements should be no more than 1-2% of their food volume. 

    Here's what you need to do: From Treats for Chickens experience, serve limestone grit supplement in a separate low feeder/dish, mix into pellets, crumble, or mash with chicken feed. They'll eat it, probably not right away, but they'll eat it.

    Is Limestone Grit chick age appropriate? Provide Limestone Grit to pullets beginning at 18 weeks old.



    INGREDIENTS THAT MATTER: 100% Calcium Carbonate

    Treats for Chickens products do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Our natural ingredients are safe for handling, so reach in and scoop out as needed. 

    What makes us unique? This Treats for Chickens product is hand-packaged in one location in Sonoma County, California, USA.

    How to store Limestone Grit [2 bags, 10 lbs each]:

    • Best when used within 90 days of opening the Limestone Grit package.
    • Store in a cool, dry location and avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight.
    • Do not expose the Limestone Grit to moisture.
    • Not intended for medical use.
    • Not intended for “feed” or complete food source.
    • Not for human consumption.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    Can We Kelp You? (see what we did there? Kelp you?). For more information on your backyard poultry parenting, Best Plants to Plant in Your Run, or mysterious egg laying (or no egg laying), visit our Treats for Chickens blogs

    At Treats for Chickens, we are all about Health and Happiness for the modern backyard poultry parent and their flock!

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    Calcium CA (Min.)           34.00%

    Calcium CA (Max.)          37.00%

    Phosphorous Ph (Min.)  0.003%

    Salt (Min.)                       0.004%

    Salt (Max.)                      0.007%

    Treats for Chickens. Chickens + Chicks need grit- true grit! Free-Shipping Limestone Grit 100% Calcium Carbonate supplement offers rich natural calcium for your flock. Helps egg laying + chicks digestion, restores calcium during molting, calcium Limestone Grit is what your flock needs. Treat your chicken to the best!

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