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Lixit Treats Toy for Chickens

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Why not get your flock moving when it’s time for treats? Scoop treats into the Lixit Chicken Toy, snap it shut, place on the ground and let your chickens go to town. As they chase and peck at the ball, treats are released. You should know, it’s perfect for our Cluck Yea, Chicken Crack and Pullet Together formulas. Just saying.

You have to see it in action to understand the joy it brings. Check out our video below of the Lixit Chicken Toy in use!

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A fun toy for your backyard birds! Scoop treats into the ball, snap it shut, place on the ground and as your feathered fowl peck at the ball ...treats are released!! Perfect for scratch, organic cracked corn, crumble, our famous Full Crop Worms and Harvest Flakes and our Pumpkin Seed Snacks.

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