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Samples are kind of a big deal. I gathered the new and improved Team Treats around a fragrant barrel of Nesting Box Blend one morning. The aroma was tranquil, calming and nearly mesmerizing.  It was definitely a moment of persuasion.....and I laid it on them. 


Folks we are going to make samples!

I've got the best team one could ask for because they jumped in almost immediately and took to scooping, filling, heat sealing, lot number stickering, stapling the info card to the back and finally finishing a round.

There's a lot of steps to making each sample and I can assure you each sample has a great deal of love and patience, [meticulous patience] that goes into each one.

sam·ple  /ˈsampəl/  noun

  • a small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like.
  • a small amount of a food or other commodity, especially one given to a prospective customer.
  • small morsels of fabulous treats, problem solvers and the like; for backyard pet chickens and their discerning parents.
  • AKA: tiny bags of kick-ass products for your fabulous flock.

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