Why Certified Organic mixes, blends, and supplements for your backyard chickens? Because we want you to reach into a bag of treats knowing that what you scoop out is free of toxins, pesticides, artificial colors, waxes, synthetics, and enhancers. No Junk in these bags. We want you to watch your flock fly into an excited frenzy when you feed them straight from your hand or scatter all the goodness on the ground to encourage natural foraging, scratching and pecking.

Our Certified Organic poultry treats like Chicken Crack®, Cluck Yea® and Worms'n Flakeswill provide your flock with the healthy ingredients to have them producing quality eggs and living a healthy life.

Products like our Cluck'n Sea Kelp™ can give that nutrient boost that your chicks are needing, but at the same time, you can know that it is made from quality ingredients. You can even feed the Cluck’n Sea Kelp™ to baby chicks right after they hatch. Cluck'n Sea Kelp™ builds strong bones, creates shiny feathers, adds strength to eggshells and is beneficial for the duration of your flocks growth.

We want you to feel confident that what you’re providing for your chickens, and the eggs your chickens are providing for your family, are the best possible quality.

That's why we are extremely dedicated to our USDA Certified Organic products. We are all about green-thumbed farmers and their organic farming practices. We don’t even mind the strict protocol checks and the federal inspectors’ leave-no-stone-unturned practices. Because the end result is a product you can trust, and what’s more important than that?