Seconds Sale: 6lbs Cluck'n Sea Kelp

Seconds Sale: 6lbs Cluck'n Sea Kelp

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We had a flubber at an Amazon warehouse and products have been returned to us. Now, we have a limited number of large bags of kelp that we are offering to you for $17 OFF, per 6lb bag.  There isn't a darn thing wrong with these items, except for maybe scratch on the packaging from the careless manner in which Amazon returned them to us.

What to do with Cluck'n Sea Kelp: add kelp to your flocks feed, toss it all.over your chicken run [yes, throw it on the ground for future scratching and pecking] and add to your garden as a vital supplement as well.  These are going to go fast at $30 each. Save: $17


Certified Organic | Artisan Small Batch | Product of Canada | Woman Owned

Cluck'n Sea Kelp™ is the easiest way to give your flock a big nutritional boost with a long list of added minerals and vitamins. This supplement is known to promote beautiful golden-orange egg yolks and glossy plumage with added micro-nutrients.

  • The simple formula, 1/4 cup per 11 lbs of regular feed, makes it an easy addition to your flock's mealtime routine
  • Kelp meal granules can be fed to baby chicks as soon as they hatch
  • This Treats for Chickens product proudly comes from the icy cold waters of Canada and is packaged here in the USA.

No Artificial Colors | No Flavor Enhancers | No Preservatives | No Junk

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