New Product Alert! New Chicks in Town. Buy 1 Bag - Get 5 Chick'n Greens Seed Packets Free. No Coupon needed.

Wednesday Flock Special - Chicks
Wednesday Flock Special - Chicks

Wednesday Flock Special - Chicks

Limited to the quantity of Better Brooder Blend and Chick'n Greens. When these two sell out - they're gone as in audios! Flown the coop!!

Here's your chance to get them before they're gone: 

2 bags of Better Brooder Blend for healthy baby chicks.
5 bags of Cluck'n Sea Kelp vitamin mineral supplement samples
5 bags of Worms'n Flakes nutritional + irresistible treat samples
2 stickers for travel cups, laptops, binders, folders, cell phones, etc to show the world how you fly
1 Cluck'n Sea Kelp instruction card

$69 value for $59!

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