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No one likes a smelly house. And your chickens won't be in their prime of laying if there house is stinky. So, the thing to do is to make sure your chickens have a fresh, comfortable place to live with DooKashi Poultry Brooder & Coop Deodorizer. The formula naturally eliminates odor and reduces harmful pathogens found in poultry urine and feces (yuck). It even eliminates the risk of damaging ammonia odors to keep your birds’ respiratory health in check.

  • DooKashi's unique formula works at the microbial level using an OMRI Listed probiotic and doesn't have any masking scents or perfumes. In other words: no junk.
  • Adding DooKashi to your coop will speed up the composting process if your chicken poop makes it that far. 
  • Natural ingredients are safe and effective for your flock and safe around your furry creatures too. 
  • Available in a 1 pound re-sealable pouch.
  • Made in the USA | Woman Owned + Operated | Small Batch

Tips For Use


Sprinkle a visible amount on floor of coop, in and around nesting boxes - just about anywhere it stinks.  Sprinkle in nesting boxes between layers of shavings or straw. Reapply as needed when odor increases.

Amount and regularity vary depending on ventilation and number of poultry in coop. Store in a cool, dry location and avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight. Store in its original container out of reach of children and pets. Please recycle container after use. Do not expose to moisture. Not intended for medical use. Not for human consumption.

DooKashi for Poultry is the answer to neutralizing chicken coop odor in an environmentally friendly and effective way. With no masking scents or chemical perfumes, DooKashi's all natural ingredients work immediately to eliminate chicken coop odor and disease producing microbes in a tested scientific manner. Plus, the active OMRI listed probiotic actually speeds up the composting process of the chicken manure.

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