Healthy Hen Wellness Bundle - The Pullet

Healthy Hen Wellness Bundle - PULLET

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Three bags of Treats for Chickens certified organic treats for your chickens, two bags of our best selling nesting box herbs, a full bag of Cluck'n Sea Kelp to keep egg yolks vibrant, egg shells strong (no thin egg shells when you supplement your flock with our kelp) and Cluck'n Sea Kelp is known to enhance glossy feathers (hello Fluffy Butt Friday)!

Healthy Hen Wellness Bundle - PULLET contains: 

  • Chicken Crack, 2 bags!
  • Cluck Yea
  • Nesting Box Blends, 2 bags!
  • Cluck'n Sea Kelp 
  • Egg Freshness Test magnet
  • Egg Freshness Test note cards, pack of 3
  • Stickers

Plus you get note cards to send to friends as well as a matching magnet for your home + stickers to show your style.  Add them to your laptop, travel mug or.........

The Healthy Hen Wellness Bundle, PULLET, will take care of!

Have a smaller sized group of chickens or ready to go big with THE FLOCK? Check out the other two Healthy Hen Wellness Bundles here and here.

There's only a few set aside at this promotional price so grab them while you can.

Bundle savings: $99.00. Regular price: $105.00 

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