Limestone Grit/Oyster Shell Substitute, 20 lbs, $38 w/FREE SHIPPING

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100% Calcium Carbonate | Oyster Shell Substitute | Made in the USA | Woman Owned

The Great Oyster Shell Shortage of 2020 continues, so we figured it was time to find a solution. Drumroll........ 100% calcium carbonate that's been crushed into small little bits of grit.  This is not pebbles or tumbled coral. 

Your order will include two, 10lb resealable bags + FREE SHIPPING.

I have always said to feed your girls REAL oyster shells and still feel that way. The good news is that Limestone aka Calcium Carbonate is high in calcium, very high = 34%. Yes, you heard us right! Limestone is incredibly rich in natural calcium, which your flock members need to properly lay all those beautiful eggs and to restore calcium during molt and the off-laying season.

  • 100% Calcium Carbonate
  • Reduce calcium depletion as well as soft shelled and/or broken eggs
  • Promotes strong organ development and eases digestion
  • Increases calcium reserves in the off season
  • All Treats for Chickens products are proudly mixed and made in the USA
  • There is a current oyster shell shortage. For the details and 411 click here


No Tumbled Coral | No Pebbles | Nothing Weird | No Junk

    As a substitute for oyster shell - reach in the bag, grab a handful and throw it all over the ground where your flock forages. Can also be added to feed or poured into a low dish or tray for free-choice dining. Keep throwing it out and making it available. They'll eat it, probably not right away, but they'll eat it. They need the Limestone/Calcium Carbonate.

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    100% Calcium Carbonate 

    Calcium CA (Min.)           34.00%
    Calcium CA (Max.)          37.00%
    Phosphorous Ph (Min.)  0.003%
    Salt (Min.)                       0.004%
    Salt (Max.)                      0.007%

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