Dawn Russell
BioFuel Oasis - Berkeley, CA

BioFuel Oasis - Berkeley, CA

Location: Berkeley, CA 94702 Opened: May 2009 Phone: 510-665-5509 Email: biofueloasis@gmail.com What does your store focus on? And what do you do especially well? Backyard chickens, beekeeping, fermentation supplies, local recycled biodiesel. What about your store are you most passionate about? Empowering people to DIY! What are three products/brands that your customers can’t get enough of? One's they really love. Chicken feed Biodiesel Beekeeping supplies What originally attracted you to Treats for Chickens? Worms'n Flakes - Certified Organic! I have to know... Have you been hit with the baby chick fever? (Q) Do you sell baby chicks? (A): Yes (Q)...

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