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Treats for Chickens customers' bottom-line is the health and happiness of their feathered pets. Annhd we offer them savings through Subscribe + Save (auto-renewal).

The Treats for Chickens formula: all feathered loving parents that Shop + Select + Subscribe = 20% Savings. Whew, that’s easier than chicken math!

Shop your favorite products from non-GMO chicken treats to organic herbal nesting blends then select the frequency, and that’s it!

Treats for Chickens products are automatically delivered on your selected schedule. Many chicken parents enjoy selecting the once a month plan. Since it gives their chickens that monthly “Treat yourself” vibe. A few days before the order is shipped, an automatic email reminder is sent. You can always modify the items- add, cancel, or create special requests.

And What About Cluck Bucks? Treats for Chickens is the original creator of Cluck Bucks in the pet flock world. Your Cluck Bucks (Treats for Chickens Loyalty Program) cannot be automatically included with your Subscribe + Save order. Since the two programs are being chicken butts with each other.


After collecting a certain amount of Cluck Bucks, you can start getting your free goodies. Leave us a note on the CART page before flying to the CHECKOUT page.

Treats for Chickens Subscribe and Save. Shop USA organic treats for chickens, herbal nesting box, poultry care, + coop supplies.


Login into your Account and click Manage Subscriptions. Leave a note about which Cluck Bucks & code through your next scheduled order.

Treats for Chickens Cluck Bucks Subscribe + Save Subscription Instructions

Remember, 1 Cluck Bucks goody per order. 

Tell us the exact product you want to redeem, and bts Treats for Chickens team will check your points status and slip your Cluck Bucks reward item in your upcoming order.

Our Subscribe + Save continues to keep your chickens and fellow domestic fowls healthy and happy!