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Diatomaceous Earth

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Food Grade | Artisan Small Batch | Made in the USA | Woman Owned

Treats for Chickens pest problem solvers, Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade – an Online Eggsclusive.

Here’s what you need to know: got a coop, run or nesting area that is stinking and you want more that an occasional freshen-up? Are you in the market for a fresh daily coop? Not a fresh every-other-day, once in-a-while kind of coop but a Fresh Daily Coop! This may be just the right product that will work best for your situation

We love food grade Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade because it helps remove those annoying flies that gather around nesting boxes, coops, and runs. But that is just one of the many, many benefits. These 15 trace minerals fossil shell flour is an internal wormer, repels insects and pests, aids in parasite removal, and reduces moisture in your flock’s living environment. The best part is that you can apply it anywhere – even in your flock’s feed!

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**If you wish to pamper your feathered friend, here is Pardon My Dust.

At Treats for Chickens, we created this fun and vital bird ritual to be an eggceptional dusting experience for your feathered pet’s wellness.

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Safe Around Pets | No Artificial Colors | No Chemicals | No Preservatives | No Junk

    Tips For Use


    So, here’s what you'll get: Using a Pest Pistol, dust one cup of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade over your coop and run. Or a good palm full and chuck it at needed areas. For additional preventative measures, lightly dust your chicken under its wings, breast area, and bottom to remove lice, mites, and fleas. A little goes a long way here! You can even add up to 2% to your flock’s feed for natural internal cleansing.

    Here's what you need to do: Add 1 or 2 scoops (Dawn uses a large wooden spoon btw) in the needed areas (nesting boxes to the run) or to an already determined chicken dusting area (aka "holes") and your flock will take care of the rest. One or two scoops of Diatomaceous Earth per 3-4 hens + plain old dirt will do just great. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade in your flock’s dusting area at least weekly.

    Is Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade chick age appropriate? Sure is. Start healthy hygiene habits at a young age, even without a mom hen on standby. Sprinkle a scoop on top of dirt or into a small tray, chicks will dive in to start dusting: cleaning and preening. It’s adorable to watch so keep your camera handy.

    General Pro-Chick Tip: be sure that baby chicks under two weeks of age always have access to grit so they can properly digest their food.



    INGREDIENTS THAT MATTER: 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Flour)*

    *Note: Treats for Chickens only carries food grade Diatomaceous Earth. The industrial grade version sold at pool supply stores and at some pet stores is harmful. Please read the labels carefully.

    Treats for Chickens products do not contain artificial colors, flavors, fillers, perfumes, or preservatives. Our natural ingredients are safe for handling, so reach in and scoop out as needed.

    What makes us unique? This Treats for Chickens product is hand-packaged in one location in Sonoma County, California, USA.

    19)How to store Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade [2 lbs]*:

    • Best when used within 90 days of opening the resealable Diatomaceous Earth package.
    • Store in a cool, dry location and avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight.
    • Do not expose Diatomaceous Earth to moisture.
    • Not intended for medical use.
    • Not for human consumption.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Note, package has a misprint of 3 lbs, when the product's weight is 2lbs.

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    At Treats for Chickens, we are all about Health and Happiness for the modern backyard poultry parent and their flock!

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    Treats for Chickens. Chickens love DE! Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is packed with minerals iron, calcium, + magnesium perfect addition to chicken feed. Chicken coop’s odor control + repel insects & pests + parasite removal aid + great dusting bath ingredient! Food grade DE is beneficial + safe for your flock. TFC

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