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Chicken Boredom Buster | Treat Delighter | Designed in the USA

Get The Best For Your Flock

Treats for Chickens’ chicken toy, Ware™ Chicken Treat Roller.

Here’s what you need to know: Keep your chickens active with the Ware Chicken Treat Roller. This exciting treat toy doubles as a treat dispenser that you can pull apart and fill with scratch, seeds, fruits, greens, mealworms or your favorite Treats for Chickens treats that fit through the holes. Very versatile in the treat and food giving. Drop the Ware treat roller in with the chickens and watch them peck and move the roller around as they try to get to the tasty treat inside. The treat is slowly released from the openings, keeping them amused and engaged. The roller’s design accommodates poultry’s natural behavior.

From Treats for Chickens experience, this chicken toy also reduces boredom with stimulation, reduces bullying and pecking, reduces stress, and encourages exercise and training (especially for chicks and pullets that need more attention in foraging).

You should know, it’s perfect for our certified organic  Chicken Crack®, mixed with organic ingredients  Chick! Chick!™, and non-grains pro-protein Mealworm Delight formulas. Just saying~

At Treats for Chickens, we offered this fowl treats toy to be an eggceptional part of your feathered pet’s wellness.

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The Nitty Gritty on Treats Roller

Scoop treats into the Ware Chicken Treat Roller toy, snap it shut, place it on the ground and let your poultry party on. As chickens chase and peck at the roller, treats are released. And of course, your flock will take care of the rest. 

Fill the dispenser with the recommended treats above ( certified organic Chicken Crack, mixed with organic ingredients Chick Chick, and non-grains pro-protein Mealworm Delight): the size of the dispenser slats/holes does not allow large in-shell sunflower seeds, standard feed pellets and other large grains from escaping.

Please, Keep Out of Reach of Children and Furry Pets

With a bamboo toothbrush, dry bush the treats toy. After cleaning off the debris, prepare warm water with less than a cap full of white vinegar (diluted) and a light sprinkle of baking soda.

Dip the bamboo toothbrush into the mixture, and brush the chicken treats toy. Then rinse with warm water and let the chicken toy dry thoroughly before refilling with Treats for Chickens treats. 

Customer Reviews

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Fun for chicks

My chickens took a little to figure it out but once they did they absolutely loved it. They only thing is the hoses aren't big enough for some larger seeds (like sunflower seeds) but that's it's only down fall.

Great for enrichment

I wanted options for my three week old chicks and this was perfect! They were absolutely terrified at first but then I sprinkled chick chick treat over it and they soon discovered if it moves they get more chick chick treats. So they love it.
Very entertaining to watch them figure things out.

Chickens love this!

I've had this roller for a few weeks now and does wonders to keep my two hens occupied in the winter. Cap screws off for easy filling and cleaning, and the hens learned how to use this in just a few minutes -- amazing! It's quite cute to watch them roll it around to get mealworms to come out. Whereas giving them a bowl of treats occupies them for a couple minutes, this occupies them for hours. Definitely worth buying, especially for hens cooped up in a run all year or for winter entertainment.