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We are taking pre-orders for Limestone Grit here - a substitute for Oyster Shells.

There is a current oyster shell shortage. For the details and 411 click here

Available in a sturdy 5lb, 5 oz bag *

Real Oyster Shell Flakes | Artisan Small Batch | Made in the USA | Woman Owned

Want to win “Chicken Mom of the Year”? Feed your girls REAL oyster shells. Yes, you heard us right! These shells are incredibly rich in natural calcium, which your flock needs to properly lay all those beautiful eggs. You may not get a trophy, but a healthy flock and strong eggs are a way better reward!

  • Reduce calcium depletion as well as soft shelled and/or broken eggs
  • Promotes strong organ development and eases digestion
  • All Treats for Chickens products are proudly mixed and made in the USA

No Tumbled Rock | Nothing Weird | No Junk

    Tips For Use

    Provide to pullets beginning at 18 weeks old. Serve in a separate feeder/dish, mix into pellets, crumble or mash or scatter on the ground for pecking.



    100% Oyster Shell

    If you've got chickens you need to be feeding Oyster Shells which are rich in natural calcium. Can you imagine laying an egg every day? Holey Smokes. Ladies, do not hold off on feeding oyster shell to your backyard chickens. By regularly providing oyster shell you are supplementing a much needed mineral to your girls as well as toning their internal organs and digestion. It helps keep your chickens feeling good and has the added bonus of building strong eggshells.

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