Collection: Subscribe + Save

Shop your favorite products, Select the frequency and SAVE 20% every.time! Modify, change or cancel a delivery for any reason at anytime and we'll still be friends, promise! Keeping your chickens healthy and happy has never been more effortless with our auto-delivery, subscription plan.

This means you save money on the products you already purchase! New around here? Auto-shipments will save you alot of cash.  

Auto-delivery has it's perks! You'll save 20%* on all Auto-Products, have Early Bird Access to New Products and your Auto-shipment will contain beneficial and helpful things not provided in regular, one-time shipments. 

1.15.2021 Update: Have Cluck Bucks you want to redeem with your Auto-renewal/Subscribe + Save order? Now you can.  Leave us a note on the CART page before you are in CHECKOUT.  Tell us the exact product you want to redeem and we'll work some fancy magic behind-the-scenes and tuck your Cluck Buck reward in with your order.