Important End of Year Updates + Subscription Info

Important End of Year Updates + Subscription Info

Hi there. Dawn here. 

There's a lot to cover so I’m going to do my best to keep it short and concise, but please know that I’m available with any questions that you may have.

First up: END OF YEAR IMPORTANT DATES you’ll want to know. Above is a chart with the End of Year Updates that pertain to Subscriptions, Online Ordering, and a much-needed End of Year closure. You’ll also see the date when I throw open the doors, dust off the tables and get back at it again with newfound energy, and enthusiasm. (about that End of Year closure….if you’re interested follow me on Instagram as I’ll be sharing bits of my solo migration down to Baja in search of warm sunshine, sand, tacos and turquoise waters.) More on that later. 

ONWARD: Treats for Chickens Subscriptions are changing.

It has always been my intention that my VIP (very important peeps) Subscription Customers would have first pick and priority on our truly premium, Certified Organic and Non-Gmo, healthy treats, herbs, supplements and problem-solving solutions for your beloved flock members. And, in the last several years that hasn’t worked out as planned.

And, that my friend is changing.

Beginning in December all Subscriptions will ship the first full week of each month. This will ensure Subscribers really do have first priority on products they want while continuing to save 20% on each Subscription order. Each month Subscription orders will process and ship the first full week of the month.

On our end we’ll be able to look ahead, eliminating unexpected shortages and ensure our inventory and supplies are stocked and available to committed Subscribers.

As a customer who Subscribes to auto-shipments, (a VIP), you will have access to a small private group in Facebook (The Coop at Treats for Chickens) where you can share about your chickens, connect with other community members, post egg recipes, have first access to seasonal products, get tips + general keeping info as be first to know about (and have access to savings on) trips  and adventures with yours truly. I’ll be adding fun things to the private group like a monthly coop cleaning playlist and other spontaneous things I think of too.

To my regular, one-time order folks: you’re important too! Your orders will be processed as usual, full priced, leaving our warehouse typically 2-4 days from the date your order is received. I’d love to see you in The Coop though. Join if you are able.

 IMPORTANT DETAILS about Subscriptions and how to stay in the loop.

  • Subscriptions will open a few times (1-2x a year) for new members or for those that want to re-join.
  • The Subscription information and options normally highlighted in green on each product page will be disabled beginning December 8th, 2023. Sign up for a Subscription before December 8th to get locked in with a 20% discount and reserve access to all Subscription products. You can always edit, change, skip, cancel or add to your Subscription.
  • Signup for the newsletter on the home page of the website and/or our social media accounts to be alerted when Subscriptions and The Coop at Treats for Chickens opens again for new members. (Facebook: @treatsforchickens) and (Instagram: @treats4chickens). Or, send me an email at dawn (at) and I’ll add you to the newsletter list.

In closing: THANK YOU. Your business, your loyalty, that you shop with your dollars and love your chickens the way you do is the heartbeat of this company. Of course, I’m available with questions - please reach out.

Many thanks and all my best: Dawn, Treats for Chickens





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