It's Time. Big News for TFC

Hello! Hey there. Dawn here and today I have some big news.
IF Treats for Chickens were a house the “news” might look like the photo below.
But we are not a house. So I'm going about this a little differently. 
Treats for Chickens is for sale. 
Oof, I get a little weepy, mostly very excited, but after 14 years it’s time to pass the baton: Treats for Chickens is for sale and looking for it’s next owner.
What does this mean for you and your chickens, your orders?

Right now, nothing.

For the immediate future: I don’t know exactly but there will come a point when I will need to stop operations and sales while new ownership transitions take place (the Organic Certification paperwork, a new Organic System Plan.) So many details, policies, etc. 

Here’s the thing: We will sell out of products but please here me when I say this: you do not need to flock to the site right now - I will tell you when it’s time.

Of course, please go shopping – by all means, that’s wonderful because we will certainly sell out of some sizes and items quicker than others - but this is not the announcement to stock up before we sell out. 

But, if I may: I do have an ask.

The challenge for us has always been manufacturing. And, so, if you buy feed directly from a feed mill  – please let them know we are for sale. I created a short video that can be viewed on IG or facebook. Please show them this or the video links above. 

A feed mill can tuck our operations into their existing manufacturing and production schedules and truly do some amazing things with the brand, covering the entire US and even reaching some global markets.

Or if you or someone you know have thought it would be cool to own and operate a pet industry manufacturing company and online business - show them this – let’s connect. You have my email.

From every atom in my body, thank you for your trust and overall love for backyard pet chickens! Just think of all the wonderful relationships created over these sweet little birds!!

Now what?

Back to the “ask”.

Please spread the news by telling EVERYONE you know. I mean. Everybody. 

If you follow us on Instagram and facebook please share the video with your people and tag feed mills, companies and people who might want to be the next impactful leader of Treats for Chickens.

The more people know, the sooner we get started and the sooner products are available again after the re-Certification for Organics.

Of course I'm available for questions. 

Thank you for spreading the word and I'll keep you updated the best I can. 

All my best, 

Dawn, Founder/CEO + Dennis, the most patient man on the planet.

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