Free Small Business Clinic this Saturday: 4.4.2020

Free Small Business Clinic this Saturday: 4.4.2020

Free Small Business Clinic this Saturday

My business mentor is hosting a special live event on Saturday, April 4 at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific), and you're invited to join for free. She will deliver a solid pep talk and actionable business advice designed to help your small business survive the pandemic. Join her this Saturday on the Lucky Break Facebook page, and she has promised to linger for a bit to answer your specific questions.  

I encourage you to RSVP.  A few clicks of the mouse and your RSVP will do two things:

1. You'll receive a reminder and instructions for joining the event just a few hours before it kicks off.

2. You'll receive a copy of the event playback directly in your inbox- just in case case you can't join her live. 

This is a free event, and I hope you'll help spread the word!

Lucky Break Blog


In addition to this live event on Saturday she and her team have pulled together an amazing amount of information that has personally been very helpful for me during this time. Check it out.  

For my fellow small business owners I want to share with you that Team Lucky Break has been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic since early March, and they have been sharing resources, hosting panel summits, and publishing blogs with smart business strategies developed especially for product-based business owners, too. At the helm of Lucky Break Consulting is Lela Barker. And let me tell you she is on the front lines ready to support small business right now- and none of it costs a penny.

COVID-19 Resource Center

Lela has been thinking strategically about what you can do right now- for zero dollars- to increase the resiliency of your business. She's published her best advice on her blog in service to and in honor of the community she loves.

This week, her team created a central hub on the Lucky Break website to serve as a "home base" for all of the resources they've been gathering and producing. She has published eight blogs with actionable wisdom for navigating the pandemic, and each of them is accessible at her new COVID-19 Resource Center. Click through to discover her advice for...

  • Managing cash flow during the outbreak
  • Strategies for slowing the impact on your business
  • A guide to staying sane during the quarantine
  • Free resources + economic relief for small biz
  • 20 ways to use the downtime strategically
  • Strategies for keeping wholesale alive
  • Strategies for boosting direct-to-consumer revenue
  • An introduction to small businesses who have creatively pivoted

Also available: recent podcast interviews focused on weathering the storm and a link to the spreadsheet she's using to track key news articles and relief resources on behalf of her clients.

The COVID-19 Resource Center is being updated several times each week, so I invite you to bookmark that page and check back often!

-Dawn, Treats for Chickens  🧡

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