Let's Meet Shall We?

Let's Meet Shall We?

For years I’ve wanted to meet up, in person, with my chicken people and the people-people I've met along this journey........ Years.

If I had a brick and mortar store I would have in-person events and we could do cool stuff together. Explore, paddle board, hike, hang around the firepit in my yard orrrr an open range campfire. Certainly we'd talk chickens and life. And, experience life outside it's 9-5 busy-ness.

Well, I’m doing a thing.

Let’s meet.

Let’s hang.

I have partnered with Trova Trips. They are going to take care of destination logistics and the agenda. We just show up and experience the journey.

We’ll also have a fun loving, good natured, local guide to show us around. So, wondering where to eat or what fabulous sights to see won’t be an issue. We will be submersing ourselves into culture, exploring, learning new perspectives and it’ll be done while staying in safe, clean and tidy hotels (or maybe in a yurt or glamping tent orrrrr maybe alongside camels in Morocco? Maybe.) You with me?

Certainly we can travel mainland, USA - Alaska anyone? 

But, seriously...what about Indonesia: the floating markets, making our way through Bangkok in tuk-tuks. Exploring ruins, riding rickshaws and digging our hands in the dirt at an organic farm – for our dinner. Traveling through the night on a sleeper train and awake among temples and palaces while dining on tasty cuisine. 

Or maybe you can see yourself in Morocco, India, Turkey, Bali, Vietnam……..Japan anyone?

To be honest, the destinations are really quite limitless and I'm curious to learn about the places you've dreamed of travelling to. The corners of the world that have felt too far away, out of reach or perhaps you've felt "not possible" without a travel buddy or a solid, safe plan of getting there, being there and returning home in one piece.

Of course, there will be details attached to each journey and those will get flushed out, so it is crystal clear. The first step is to click here and fill out a 4-5 minute questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire and you’ll be entered to win a big bag of Nesting Box Blend. (IMPORTANT: email me at dawn[at]treatsforchickens.com so I can make sure you are included in the drawing)

The form consists of 13 questions, and many are multiple choice/click. I sense it will be a throwback to a high school World Geography class as there’s an extensive list of locations and destinations all neatly organized in an alphabetic fashion.

Why all the questions? Well, it'll help me gauge your:

  • favored locations – the places that the light up your soul
  • ideal/available length of travel – 5, 7, 8 or 10 day itineraries
  • preferred or available months of the year to travel the friendly skies and hit the open roads
  • budget for a fully planned journey that includes destination-based airport transfers, 3 and 4 star hotels, transportation during the trip and most meals AND all activities (not including your airline accommodations or alcohol). 

Don’t worry - filling out the questionnaire does NOT obligate you to do, go or take part in anything.

And, of course I'm at the ready with tips and know-how on how-to set your coop, chickens and chicken sitter up for success if you do decide to fly the coop with me and other like-minded, fabulous folks. 

Let’s meet.

Let’s do this!

Don't even think twice. What you do next matters.

All the best, 


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