Learning + Listening: #blacklivesmatter

Learning + Listening: #blacklivesmatter

I have been absent from social media because I am confused, angry and frustrated. And, I’m sad. I am so sad. Those that know me know I’m all about health and happiness, a good strong cocktail, my customers, the people I love and of course, chickens - not rioting, violence, bigotry, racial profiling, police brutality and murder. I mean, shit. Bhuut, somehow I've missed how I've unknowingly played a part. ⁠

Right now, the messaging, to me, is perplexing. To peacefully protest? How I feel about rioting. I’m paying attention to why there is more violence erupting when the message is to end the violence. I'm listening to how racial inequality has gone on far too long. And, I’m listening to perspective on why citizens are taking to the streets in acts of thievery. Like I said: I am confused and frustrated. My heart is heavy. The learning curve is high.⁠

Let me be clear: I do not approve of the intolerable things happening to people of color – and if I need to be specific: black.lives, black.human.lives. The loss and inhumane treatment of people of color, any color, gender or sexual orientation is unacceptable to me. Systemic racism is bullshit and as a culture of advanced humans we have the capacity to re-write the current script. Together. ⁠

I am uncomfortable admitting this but here we go: I am mostly living my day-to-day in a white privilege bubble here in Northern California. I’m sitting with the uncomfortable nature of this. For me awareness is the beginning of massive change. Now that I know I can do better. ⁠

Perhaps I will lose your business and I’m okay with that. If you find your power in un-subscribing, un-following - I wish you well. ⁠

Please: if you know of social media sites, organizations, books, etc that are helping you piece this puzzle together, to find clarity and take actionable steps I’d like to know about them. ⁠

Note: In my original post on Instagram I listed the voices I was listening and learning from. That list is fluid and as I learn more, I find is changing.


-Dawn, Treats for Chickens 


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