Eugene Backyard Farmer - Eugene, OR

Eugene Backyard Farmer - Eugene, OR
  • Location: Eugene, OR 97401
  • Opened: May 10, 2010
  • Phone: 541-485-3276
  • Email:

What does your store focus on? And what do you do especially well?

We are an urban farming supply store, specializing in small-scale chicken flocks, hands-free beekeeping, and gardening.

What about your store are you most passionate about?

We love helping people become more food independent.

What are three products/brands that your customers can’t get enough of? One's they really love.

    1. High quality chicken treats
    2. Heritage chicks
    3. bulk garden amendments

      What originally attracted you to Treats for Chickens?

      High quality and great packaging.

      I have to know... Have you been hit with the baby chick fever?

      • (Q) Do you sell baby chicks? (A): Chicks (both layers and broilers) as well as ducklings.
      • (Q) If so, what months? (A): January through Labor Day

      How do you describe TFC to your customers?

      Prepackaged, high-quality mix that your chickens will love.

      Anyone on your team raise chickens, what breeds and names?

      We have seven hens on display at the store. It is a rotating cast of characters so the size of flock goes up and down based upon my whim.

      Your favorite way to eat eggs?


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