EggPlant Urban Farm Supply - St Paul, MN

EggPlant Urban Farm Supply - St Paul, MN
  • Location: St Paul, MN 55104
  • Opened: April 1st, 2010
  • Phone: 651-645-0818
  • Email:

What does your store focus on? And what do you do especially well?

We focus on being a source for organic and sustainable supplies for backyard homesteads in the city. We sell seeds, plants, soils and tools for small-scale urban kitchen gardens, as well as supplies for backyard chicken-keeping, canning, fermenting and preserving, maple tapping, cheese-making and kombucha or kefir brewing. If you're in need of inspiration we also offer classes in many of these areas too. We believe your backyard garden and homestead can be beautiful, edible and sustainable, and we want to help you make that happen.

What about your store are you most passionate about?

Our biggest passions are backyard chicken keeping, small space gardening, edible landscaping, homesteading and beautiful jars.

What are three products/brands that your customers can’t get enough of? One's they really love.

    1. Chicken Poop Lip Junk
    2. Filthy Farm Girl Soaps
    3. Anything fermentation

      What originally attracted you to Treats for Chickens?

      We love that Treats for Chickens are Certified Organic and the packaging is fantastic!

      I have to know... Have you been hit with the baby chick fever?

      • (Q) Do you sell baby chicks? (A): Yes
      • (Q) If so, what months? (A): End of February - June

      How do you describe TFC to your customers?

      Unique mixes of organic chicken treats as well as an awesome herbal mix for keeping your nest boxes smelling fresh and bug free.

      Anyone on your team raise chickens, what breeds and names?

      Half of our staff raises chickens! Audrey and Bob's chickens are: Kokino the Barred Rock, Vesper the Black Maran, Cosmo the Speckled Sussex, Olive the Ameraucana, Appletini the White Crested Black Polish. Grace's chickens love the Kelp and are named after Mean Girls characters: Cady the Black Australorp, Regina George (Gina) the Gold Star, Karen the Rhode Island Red, Gretchen the Speckled Sussex, Big Mama the Buff Orpington and Janis the Black Maran who is likely turning out to be a rooster. Elizabeth's chickens are Poppy the Speckled Sussex, Maeve the Welsummer, Ivy the Barred Rock, Hazel the Ameraucana, Daisy the Buff Orphington, Violet the Black Australorp and Willow the Golden Laced Wyandotte.

      Your favorite way to eat eggs?


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