A fun read: Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

A fun read: Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

I am in love.  

This book.  

This funny and creative little book.  

I'm pretty much totally in love with little Miss Sophie Brown because, she, like me, tends to ramble on and on into rather lengthy sentences that are really more like paragraphs and entirely forgets about the necessity of punctuation and how required punctuation allows us to take a breathe into our lungs but rather she, like me, goes on and on and you just hold on tight because she's on to something good.  

So, here's the deal: Sophie and her parents move to Uncle Jims old farm and she's just not entirely all that cozy with it at all whatsoever.  But, she's gettin' into it. I'm not gonna spill the beans and tell you where she moved from but this whole farm thing isn't exactly what she's usto.  And, wouldn't you think that a farm would be full of farm animals?  But, alas.....maybe it is.  

Sophie gets herself into quirky situations. She writes sassy letters to a catalog company, to distant {and deceased} relatives and is betting her bottom dollar that the reliable and ever so trusty postal man will keep her in contact with the outside world. {I'm laughing with nearly every page I read.} And, and, and - then she finds a magical chicken.  Like I said: I'm in love. What a fun read. 

Why are you not reading this book?   Go get it.  

That's all I'm gonna tell you - I don't want to spoil it 'cuz I'm not done reading it either.   

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