Chicken Moms You Must Follow on Instagram - Treats for Chickens

Chicken Moms You Must Follow on Instagram - Treats for Chickens

Hello chicken pet parents!

There are some super rad chicken moms out there on Instagram, who also happen to be Treats for Chickens customers!

These chicken moms have earned the title of Crazy Chicken Lady in the most respectful of ways. They are wives, mothers, sisters, farm girls, city-slickers and might even be your neighbor [identifies as moms]. We love and adore them and if you aren't already following them, click on the links below and take a look at their active chicken mom lives. 

(I want to have photos of all these pages instead of just links - how in the hell do we do that?  So that is looks like this



-Dawn, Treats for Chickens 🧡


treats for chickensCan we kelp you? For more information about domestic fowls, visit Treats for Chickens blog, cluck HERE.
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Let's keep your flock happy + healthy!


Got something to cluck about? Have other suggestions? Questions?
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